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"Online bookings have increased by 42% with Collins."

We cater for everyone

The needs surrounding online reservations have changed. Smart in-service tools and fully integrated; online enquiry management; pre-ordering and payment is the new customer standard. It’s time a system recognised this.

The casual dining space has evolved. As well as real-time restaurant booking capability, we can also help manage private dining, group bookings, pre-orders, deposits, and yes, even the Christmas season!


We understand the complexity and flexible nature of bar bookings. From managing enquiries and taking deposits or pre-orders, to sorting great run-sheets; we turn your pain into a dream.


Pubs can essentially be bars, restaurants and private hire venues, all in one. We help manage all aspects of your pub's bookings and enquiries, which is why so many major pub groups already rely on us.


An organised guestlist, pre-paid tables and paid entry are all fundamental to a smooth club operation; Collins can manage all this for you as well as take drinks pre-orders at the point of booking.

Private Hires

Take enquiries from your site into an organised and trackable, managed system. Take pre-orders and pre-payments, print clear and instant function sheets, and ensure great communication with your client.


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    Smart Table Reservations
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    Customer Communication
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Smart Table Reservations
Optimise your space, increase efficiency and book in more covers.

Collins comes with fully automated bookings, joining tables in real-time, floorplan management, check-in capabilities as well as three different digitised views for service . Manage your venue in a way that works for you.

Enquiry Management
Manage all enquiries in one central system to improve your conversion rate.

Set your own rules to take real-time bookings and enquiries all through one reservations website widget.

Within Collins you can set yourself reminders, track the progress of enquiries, add packages, take deposits and pre-orders, print function sheets, do invoices and VAT receipts, and more. One system to help you convert all your groups, parties, private diners and Christmas enquiries.

If you work across multiple venues you can use Collins’ smart space finder tools to see which of your venues have space on certain date ranges, times and even areas. EG. "Collins - Where can I seat 20 people, outside on any Thursday in June after 5pm?"

Detailed but clear suite of reports.

Detailed as well as easily accessible reporting and data tools from a venue group level, down to individual venue level. Get instant access to all of your booking data, downloaded straight to your computer. Get to know your customers with tagging, birthdays, booking history and more. Also access all your data via our API to extract it into your own back of house reporting tools.

Whether a Finance Director, Operations Manager or General Manager, you can get instant access to the data you need. We firmly believe the data collected is yours so we do not use or share your it. What’s yours, is yours.

Customer Communication
Clear, branded customer communication.

​​Tailor the look and feel of all email communication to your customers to suit your brand. Set up email templates, upload menus and venue photos to a central cloud for quick easy access within Collins. Let Collins send out automated booking reminders and follow-ups and even manage all inbound reservation emails in Collins with your own internal reservations mailbox.

microsoft dynamics
point one

We understand that an efficient ecosystem is a connected one, which is why with Collins’ open API you can connect your EPOS provider, CRM system, reporting tools and other external systems to and from Collins.


more bookings / enquiries in, from your website


increased conversion rate of enquiries


hours a year, saved, with increased efficiency


unparalleled satisfaction rating for our support and account management

Game-changing extras

We believe in breaking boundaries and are constantly revolutionising our clients' perceptions of what they expect in a reservations system. Let’s take you on a Collins customer journey…
collins pay
Take online PCI compliant payments and card authentications.

Be able to take payments/card authentications at the point of booking, or for larger enquiries, send out online requests to secure a booking. Increase your booking efficiency and reduce no shows.

collins mail
Manage all inbound and outbound reservation emails within Collins.

Imagine being able to manage all your and your team’s email communication, in one central system, logged against each enquiry. Consistent brand emailing and complete visibility of all unread and sent emails to/from your customers.

collins pre-order
Online and automated pre-ordering tool.

For larger enquiries and of course, Christmas, be able to send your customers online, digitised menus for them to fill out and send to their teams/friends. Enjoy automatic chasing tools and have your kitchen sheets, function sheets and table place cards all available at the click of a button. Elevate your venue to the next level.

collins livewait
Automated queuing technology for your host and your guests.

During service, manage your queue with live, up to date wait times for your host, plus interactive and automated SMS messages for your customers - who can also get in the queue automatically via your website.

Our Mass Marketing Network

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Over 3500 Industry-leading venues already trust Collins.

Collins has meant a complete shift for us when it comes to event bookings and enquiries. Not only does it handle both table and ticketed bookings, but it is also a comprehensive enquiry management system that helps us manage and convert our bookings quickly and professionally. Their card authentication and pre-order features were revolutionary for us, especially over Christmas, as it helped cut down admin time significantly, allowing us to focus on the most important thing – our customers.

Group Events and Operations Manager

Wahaca has historically been a restaurant which thrived on a largely walk-in only policy. The flexibility that Collins allows through its enquiry management features were key to getting buy-in internally and maximising trade, allowing our GMs to maintain some control and discretion for larger group bookings which can have such an impact on a service, whilst concurrently catering for smaller group bookings ticking along in the background and receiving instant confirmation at the times that suit the business.

The pre-order and card authentication features have really helped us over Christmas, and of course taking reservations has helped us grow our local email databases for each site.

The team at Collins are incredibly quick to support us when we have questions or needs – big or small – and are always open to taking on our feedback for fixes and improvements, making the system feel like an ongoing collaborative effort from them and all their clients to make the it the best it can be.

Sales & Marketing Manager
Rosa’s Thai Café

After just a few months with Collins we noticed a remarkable improvement across all aspects. The sheer volume of bookings and enquiries in from our own website/marketing has dramatically improved, instantly giving us a clear ROI for the system. As well as this, the online pre-ordering system and online deposit system made us so much more efficient internally and a much-improved customer journey when booking with us. Win, win.

Marketing Manager
Brewhouse & Kitchen

All at Brewhouse & Kitchen have been impressed with the usability of Collins; focusing on delivery of all enquiries to confirmed booking, is paramount. During the Christmas period our LFL sales grew by 14.77% in large part to our use of Collins. The transparency of each booking allows remote understanding of performance and improvement required. This is the third booking system we have used and by far the most flexible and focused on delivery of ease to the guest visiting the Pub or Restaurant. We have seen the value of Collins and continue to drive sales via the facilities it provides, including, Collins Pre Orders, Collins Pay, table planning, enquiry reminders & loads more! I would recommend you seriously take a look at what Collins can do for your business.

Founder & Director
Be At One

The use of Collins has definitely helped improve our overall guest experience, eliminating complaints and generating a higher increase in conversion of pre-booked and pre-paid revenue. We especially saw this during the Christmas period, with an overall increase of 56% in pre-booked guests compared to last year, which I believe Collins hugely contributed towards achieving . We are thrilled!

Group Sales Manager
Oakman Inns

Being able to view and manage the bookings for all our restaurants through one system has allowed us to work more efficiently at all levels within the business, whether it’s taking the booking or initial enquiry at site or reporting and forecasting across multiple venues at once. The functionality of Collins Pay and Pre-Order makes dealing with bookings of all types seamless, and allows both our teams and customers to manage these requests at a time that is convenient for them. The Collins Team are always receptive to new development suggestions with the system evolving and improving every month and it has been great to see some of the suggestions from our managers be implemented and improving the user experience.

Digital Marketing Manager
Marylebone Leisure Group

I had never used Collins before when I joined the Group,  but it was very quick to learn, very straight forward and has everything you need. It’s very easy to manage bookings, Collins Mail is very good for quick communication with clients, the pre-orders and payments are great and the possibility to pull a report/function sheet for every single booking/event makes it very easy to communicate with the ops team and deliver the event smoothly.

Events Manager

Once we were shown the abilities of Collins, the decision to move our booking system over was easy. Collins ensured we could make the most of reservations, especially online. The transparency of the system and clever reporting helps you to understand the behaviour of your guests and the easy to change 'back end' means you can implement changes based on this data instantly. The host team picked up Collins super quickly too. Collins and DesignMyNight has helped us to give a better service to existing customers as well as finding new ones.

Sales and Reservations Manager
We Are Bar

How did we even manage before Collins?! From a central reservations perspective our booking process is smoother and so much more efficient. We have been able to maximise floor space, turning tables, and most importantly our own time; Collins is wonderfully simple to use and comprehensively covers all aspects of the booking process. We have a diverse portfolio of venues where the primary function varies between sites, and can change between sessions – and Collins works for all of them. Their team is pretty fabulous too!

Group Sales Manager

Using Collins has completely streamlined our entire reservations process for group bookings and large events. Working across a collection of venues, the enquiry management system has helped our team of event managers work more efficiently and cohesively in managing and converting enquiries. Features such as the card authentication system, pre-orders emails, and the run sheet generator have massively helped in time spent on administrative tasks.

Group Bookings Manager


Collins is built for the nightlife industry, by industry experts
?Why on earth is it called Collins?

Well, who doesn't love a Gin Collins? And Phil Collins, and Joan Collins for that matter. Plus, our CTO's actual name is Colin, although he uses his middle name, Will, instead. So we thought to embarass him. Naughty Colin!

?Is Collins owned by DesignMyNight?

The DesignMyNight team have built Collins in-house. DesignMyNight's expansive reservations knowledge and incredible tech team were the perfect combination to build Collins. It took 15 months of blood, sweat and a lot of gin. Over 1600 improvements have been implemented since launch too. As a Collins customer you also get access to DesignMyNight's marketing power in 20 cities with over 5.5 million monthly views and an active database of over 350,000 city discoverers.

?How quickly can I get Collins set up?

The integration process can be super quick. Once we have the admin information from you; from set up to training to live can take as little as a couple of weeks.

?Can I access Collins anywhere?

Yes, Collins is a web-based platform so as long as you have the internet you can get access to Collins. No licenses required or clunky fixed devices in your venues. Laptops, tablets, desktops... you name it, you can get access on it. Hey, why not sort your bookings on your internet enabled telly while sat at home?!

?Can I connect my till or CRM system to Collins?

Yes, We have an open API as well as accept APIs into Collins. We are already connected to over 15 EPOS and CRM companies. We are also happy to build bespoke API integrations for you. An integrated solution, is a happy solution.

?How many people can get access to my Collins?

We can give you as many log-ins as you want, and you can manage their permissions as you need. After all, if you have a booking system in place surely everyone that needs to see it should get access without having to pay for the pleasure?

?Is Collins really just a flat monthly fee?

Yes. We don't believe in making you pay for enquiries made through the widget on your own site. There are no hidden costs with us. Clean and simple. (And low cost).

?What is this "Enquiry Management System" you talk about?

Collins is not simply a portal to take and place bookings in your venue. It comes with an incredible, clean and simple to use enquiry management system which allows you to track, tag, follow up, make notes, filter and a lot more for all your open enquiries. No more scribbles on paper, screwed up post its, 100 flagged emails and the CEO of Barclays' number stuck to your note pad. Everything is in one place with complete visibility and prompts on what needs to be done, whether it be a small drinks table enquiry or a £50K private hire.

?Can I organise the layout/floorplan of my venue with Collins?

Yes we have a drag and drop functionality to lay out your venue for the night. Put multiple groups in one area, put one large group over multiple areas, turn your tables every 2 hours? It's all simple to do and quick to look at on the day/night to see where your spaces are. We also have a one click Run Sheet generator which shows your heads for the night, break down of types of bookings and all the detail per table, including notes, customer tags, deposit codes and more. Everything your team need to know for service to run your venue smoothly.

?Is reporting of my data possible?

Yes. We know the importance of your own data. As well as standard reports and a "manager's dashboard" you can also get instant access to all your data at the click of a button to then analyse how you want. We also have an open API so you can extract your data whenever you want into your own back of house reporting tools.

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Unbeatable functionality, incredibly affordable.
  • One monthly flat-fee, per site.
  • Free setup.
  • Quick ROI with increased conversion rate, more bookings in and less no shows.
  • No cover fees for bookings from your own website
  • "Collins has transformed our business. Our first Christmas with them saw us quadruple our bookings."

  • "Online bookings have increased by 42% with Collins."

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